Breaking Into an Industry Unrelated to Your Expertise

2 min readDec 15, 2023

How can one enter an industry that is of interest but unrelated to their current profession?

This topic, frequently raised by students, has led me to deeply consider the following approach:

  1. Exploring Two Types of Content Related to the Field:

a. Stable Knowledge Sources: These include books and magazines, focusing on classics and textbooks. Start by reading the table of contents to quickly grasp the knowledge framework, then engage in speed reading to get an overview. Creating mind maps or guided notes can be beneficial in building a knowledge base.

b. Dynamic Information Sources: Regularly consume a variety of news, blogs, and social media content related to the field. Subscribe to these sources and integrate them into your daily reading. This approach helps in immersing yourself in the industry and complements the learning from stable sources.

2. Building a Personal Brand and Online Presence:

a. Consistent Content Creation: Use your learning and information gathering to produce and share content. This process is not only about output but also reinforces learning.

b. Networking within the Industry: Identify key industry players and expand your social media connections. Follow professionals in the field to broaden your understanding and establish basic online relationships.

c. Active Engagement: While continuing to produce content, engage with industry professionals by sharing their posts, commenting on events, and participating in discussions. This helps in becoming an active member of the industry community.

3. Transitioning to Offline and Professional Settings:

a. Participate in Industry Events and Networking: Engage in face-to-face interactions and exchanges.

b. Meet with Industry Professionals: Establish offline connections through visits and meetings.

c. Seek Job Opportunities: Start asking for job recommendations and engage in the traditional job application process.

This journey of transitioning into a new industry involves learning, absorbing industry information, building relationships, establishing a personal brand, and actively participating in the industry. It’s an engaging and rewarding process that requires dedication and a willingness to immerse oneself fully into a new professional realm.




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