Yurie Nagashima “Vintage for Girls”

2 min readJul 7

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By 2010, Nagashima Yurie was no longer an ordinary character. She had already published several photobooks, and had a clear sense of her own unique role. Therefore, the publication of “Vintage for Girls” is somehow related to the tension in her life experiences.

In her previous works, there was a deep sense of truth and hidden criticism, and after that, she began her journey into feminism. However, “Vintage for Girls” is very exquisite and dreamy, making it difficult to distinguish it from the style of popular magazines.

So, what were Nagashima’s feelings when she took the photos for this book? And at that time, how did she confront the label of “girl photography” on herself; or how does she, as a gentle feminist today, look back on her work? It’s an interesting thing to think about.

We can also say that this book is just an ordinary commercial publication, and it’s just a job.

The photo collection in this book is all still life. An online store that mainly sells vintage jewelry from London, tinycrown.com, collaborated with her to take many beautiful and vintage-style jewelry photos. The images are so captivating that they convey Nagashima Yurie’s affection for these items.

👉 Yurie Nagashima and “Vintage for Girls”


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